Work-related injuries often happen, whether due to worker or company neglect, it’s essential that you know your rights, and that you’re competent to pursue the outcomes which you deserve for your future. Various causes for such injuries may have a number of different things including manager neglect.

If an organization employs you, your company has the obligation to give you a reasonably safe work environment. This consists of all the following among others:

  • A work area that is reasonably safe for the tasks you will perform (if applicable)
  • The appropriate training and instruction to safely carry out your duties
  • The appropriate safety equipment to perform your duties in various conditions

When an injury happens due to a deficiency in some of these areas, you might be eligible to file a worker’s compensation claim to pursue cash damages. It is necessary that you’ve got proficient representation on your side to be able to make sure your rights are being defended, and that you optimize your opportunity of getting the compensation that you deserve.

We work to give our clients the focus, and personal service they desire. In addition, we provide a complimentary case assessment in the order you may get some legal counsel and data regarding your circumstances prior to making any monetary obligation to our office. Let’s work together to pursue the outcomes which you desire.

We understand the financial issues that come with an injury, including medical bills, loss of wages, etc. For this reason, we provide a contingency fee arrangement so you may keep representation no matter what your financial state. We consider that each and every wounded casualty deserves the right to proficient representation, and you’re no exception. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers can talk about your circumstances, and start the process of allowing seasoned representation to be on your side.