Rollover Car Accident

Rollover accidents are tragic events that severely injure or kill, a lot of folks on Missouri roads each year. While less common than other varieties of car crashes, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) rollovers are a lot more prone to result in life-changing injury or death, as a result of vehicle design defects.

Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys manage only a select variety of cases, keeping our caseload manageable so that we can concentrate our efforts and resources on helping each customer get the justice and total compensation they deserve. This may make them hard to restrain and prone to rolling over. Variables that lead to rollover injuries comprise:

  • Faulty vehicle design
  • Faulty tires or brakes
  • Dangerous road layout
  • Faulty road shoulders, hills, and curves

Sufferers often suffer seriously, debilitating and long-term injuries, that range from brain damage and spinal cord injuries to burns and other devastating injuries. Unfortunately, a lot of our customers have lost loved ones in a fatal accident. Our lawyers bring legal expertise into your rollover injury case.