In this complicated environment, a trial attorney who understands the aviation industry is critical to uncovering what went wrong and whether anything might have been carried out to prevent it. An experienced and skilled St. Louis personal injury lawyer can give you genuine legal counsel in the confusion that follows a disastrous airplane or helicopter crash. Contact our office in St. Louis today for a free consultation of your personal injury or fatal accident claim.

With the help of the aviation industry specialists, we completely investigate the airplane or chopper crash to find out the reason for the crash. Whether the crash was the consequence of a product failure or individual neglect, we’ll place our decades of expertise to represent you through every phase of the legal process.

  • Fixed base operators (FBO)
  • Pilots or aviation companies
  • Maintenance contractors
  • Small plane manufacturers
  • Airplane and helicopter crop-dusters


To safeguard your rights after a disastrous aviation accident due to pilot error, care problem, or an aircraft merchandise flaw, contact us today for a free case assessment. We receive no fee unless we’re able to get a monetary settlement or judgment in your case.