Fatal Injury

Missouri law gives an individual legal process to recoup damages when a loved one suffers fatal injuries due to another’s neglect. When a family decides to continue a wrongful death suit, they need to make clear legal choices while additionally contending with their crushing loss. The loss of a loved one is among one of the very traumatizing and emotionally stressful scenarios one could ever face. Past the emotional shock, the legalities that may often accompany a scenario like this are complicated, widespread, and overwhelming. Because of this, it’s important that as soon as possible, when you’ve endured the loss of a loved one that you contact an attorney that will help you navigate through this tumultuous time.

Our attorneys can describe your legal options in great detail with all the reverence and empathy you and your family deserve. We’ll manage the complicated legal and factual details within the events that caused the deadly injuries so you and your family can spend time coping with your loss.

The law limits who can seek damages in a wrongful death suit in relation to the parents, partner, and children of the sufferer. The legal process in pursuing compensation for a personal injury claim can be overwhelming and complicated. Please call our firm today for representation!

If you or a family member has been injured or killed by the fault of someone else. You will receive a free consultation with one of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys about your potential case.