Regardless of the attempts of highway planners, engineers, and contractors, Missouri still has dangerous roads and defective highways. These defective roadways can cause serious auto accidents and injure innocent people. Whether there’s a drop-off on a road shoulder, a lost guardrail on a bend, or insufficient signage, negligent road layout causes serious injuries throughout St. Louis each year.

Our personal injury lawyers offer wide-ranging experience in managing all kinds of vehicle crashes caused by defective roadways, including:

  • Narrow shoulders or shoulder drop-offs
  • Blind curves or hill crests
  • Insufficient visibility at intersections, on curves or on hills
  • Blocked visibility
  • Signage obstructions or missing warning signs
  • Missing or inadequate guardrails
  • Potholes, cracks, and other road defects


We’ve helped a large number of car accident victims get full compensation for injuries from brain damage, paralysis, burns and other serious injuries. You and your family should not pay the price for driving on dangerous roads. With the best help, you can get the compensation that you and your family deserve. Contact our St. Louis lawyers now for a free case evaluation from a proficient attorney committed to assisting you in seeking justice. We receive no fee unless a monetary settlement or judgment is obtained in your case.