Have you suffered from a catastrophic injury?

Our lawyers have a vast litigation experience in helping customers that have been injured, or lost a family member due to another’s negligence. With the help of top specialists, we thoroughly investigate whether the personal injury might have been averted, and find out what went wrong. We’ve successfully handled a large number of injury claims that were devastating or catastrophic injury, including:

Brain injury resulting in long-term shortage or impairment
Spinal cord injury, involving partial or total reduction of motor or sensory function

Paralysis and nerve damage, including quadriplegia and paraplegia
Neck and back injury, including herniated disc and subluxation injury or bulging

Burn injury due to explosion, fire, electrocution or chemical exposure along with road rash

Vision loss resulting in blurry or dim eyesight, double vision, seeing runs or floaters, and total blindness

Badly broken bones and joints that are permanently or seriously damaged

From devastating auto accidents to serious industrial injuries to terrible drowning injuries causing incapacity or death, we’ve got the resources that will help you receive the complete and reasonable settlement you as well as your own family deserve. Contact our office in downtown St. Louis for a free case assessment. You will be treated by a committed attorney from our firm with admiration, empathy and the dignity you have earned. Unless there is a monetary settlement or verdict in your case, we charge no fee for our personal injury services.