Brain Injuries

Beyond a wrongful death, there’s little that’s quite as traumatic or difficult to beat than a brain injury. When you or a loved one has suffered a devastating injury of this nature, it’s critical you contact a seasoned lawyer to start working on getting the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our skilled St. Louis personal injury office today to talk about your legal options, as well as your family’s immediate and long-term needs.


Delayed or missed diagnosis of stroke or ischemia
Car or truck accidents
Falls or pedestrian accidents
Medication errors or dangerous and defective pharmaceuticals, severe drug reactions caused
Encephalopathy, meningitis, or other infection can go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed
Hypoxia and prolonged oxygen deprivation become birth complications

We’ve got the expertise as well as the resources required to assist you and your family when seeking justice after a brain injury. To find out more about hypoxic brain injuries, as well as the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of strokes, please see our medical malpractice website now. Please contact our firm immediately should you need representation in a brain injury case.