Have you been involved in a bicycle accident that was hit by another vehicle?

In the event, you, a friend, or a family member were badly injured in a bike injury caused by a negligent driver, or alternative negligent party, a seasoned personal injury attorney can give you experienced representation, as well as honest legal advice. Some of the most typical causes of serious bike accident injuries include driver inattention, such as failure to yield to a bike that’s the right of way. A seasoned St. Louis personal injury lawyer within our company can assist you to seek justice for your critical bike injury.

He or she can still recover monies from people who caused or contributed to the accident when the injured party is partially at fault. These cases can be complex and hard to litigate so it’s absolutely crucial that you get the aid of a skilled attorney to help answer any questions that you may have. By working with our clients and assessing every case, we’re regularly able to help you fight for maximum monetary compensation. We consider it our number one priority to ensure that our clients have their rights protected.

Bike Safety:

  • Before riding, inspect your bicycle
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated before hitting the road
  • Wear a bicycle helmet every time you ride
  • Wear bright-colored clothing when riding during the day
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, and traffic law
  • Always signal when you are turning
  • Stay alerted and ride defensively at all times
  • Watch for potholes, wet leaves, cracks etc.
  • When turning, always look behind you
  • Ride away from the curb so you don’t collide with parked cars
  • Stay away from the curb so you aren’t hit by car doors


An experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney at our firm is here to help protect your legal interests. Our firm also represents victims of the skateboard, rollerblade, and scooter injuries. This also includes an injury as a result of a hit and run or collision with an alternative automobile, truck, motorcycle or a car. Contact our firm today for representation!