For people who have had an amputation.

A lot of people don’t consider amputation as something that will ever occur to them. It, nevertheless, isn’t as unusual as one would think, and if it does occur, can cause severe damage to your life. Because of this, it’s critically important that in the event that you have become the victim of an injury that resulted in amputation, dismemberment or loss of limb, you get in touch with a lawyer well-versed in this type of law. By assessing each case with a fine-tooth comb, the perfect attorney will likely have the ability to fight for the correct amount of compensation you require.

We offer unparalleled experience in representing those that have endured serious injury, including partial or complete amputations, as the effect of another’s negligence.


Experience and diligence are a few of the keys to a favorable result in any personal injury case. An accomplished trial lawyer within our company can assist you to understand the legal process when seeking recovery in a suit regarding:

  • Partial amputation with the long-term decline of function
  • Phantom pain from a lost limb

If you or a family member has been injured or killed due to the fault of someone else or some corporation, please contact us today to set up a totally free consultation with one of our St. Louis personal injury attorneys.