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A serious auto accident may be a hard and very traumatic experience. We are here to assist you as well as supply guidance and responses 24/7 no matter if the injury was a fender bender or a disastrous crash. We assist with car crashes and accidents, truck accidents, semi crashes, tractor-trailer injury accidents, motorcycle accidents, ATV injury accidents and much more.

Why? Because our auto accident attorneys possess the expertise and the wisdom to enable you to get the results you need. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are experienced and skilled St. Louis personal injury attorney who can do that for you.

Industry Sectors with the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Trucking service
  • Logging
  • Fuel dealers
  • Petroleum products
  • Agriculture crop production
  • Sanitary service
  • Taxicab service
  • Farm supplies
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Bus service
  • Coal mining

Occupations with the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Truck driver
  • Garbage collector
  • Sheriff/bailiff
  • Supervisor, farm worker
  • Surveying and mapping technician
  • Policeman/detective
  • Taxicab driver
  • Logging occupations
  • Construction laborer
  • Operating engineers

Head-on Collisions

As stated by the U.S Census Bureau, head-on collisions are on the list of most serious and fatal of motor vehicle injuries. The harms that result from these mishaps could lead to death or long-term impairment for his or her casualties. The Law Office of St. Louis personal injury lawyer will instantly start investigating the conditions surrounding your injury and construct a solid basis for your car accident case.

Road Rage

Dangerous driving is when someone drives with the total knowledge that their driving may cause an injury and using willful disregard for security. Road rage is an assault with a single motor vehicle from the operator or passenger(s). Criminal charges will even stem from such conduct.


Excessive or improper lane changing and neglecting to indicate intention of improper passing. Some things you need to consider when dealing with an aggressive driver.

  • Get out of the way
  • Avoid gestures
  • Do not challenge the aggressive driver
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Report serious aggressive driving

High-Speed Crashes

In high-speed crashes, a vehicle experiences such force that its’ construction cannot possibly protect its’ passengers from serious harm.

When you speed:

  • The distance traveled after seeing an emergency and actually reacting to it increases.
  • The distance needed to stop a vehicle is increased.
  • The severity of a crash increases as the speed increases.
  • An airbag and seat belt are less effective when speeding is involved.

The distance went after really responding to an emergency and seeing it grows. The space needed to stop a vehicle is raised. The harshness as the rate increases. Seat belt and an airbag are much less successful when speeding is included. For the innocent survivors of a high-speed car accident, the psychological and physical healing process could be unbelievably expensive and terribly debilitating.

Texting has become among the very dangerous diversions for our state’s motorists even though we’re all conscious of the risks of texting while driving.

Through the entire state, there have now been numerous fatal accidents including text messaging.

Quit texting while driving!

Drunk Driving Injuries

Drunk Driving is a selection. Each of us is not unaware of the danger when drinking and driving, though a lot of people decide to take the chance entailed. Drunk driving is among the leading reasons for passing and injuries on the roads of our state now.

Drunk driving car accidents frequently result when a motorist brakes, rear ends another vehicle, drives on the incorrect side or drives too slowly, makes an improper turn facing oncoming traffic, neglects to halt in a red light or stop sign. Sometimes, the provider of the booze could be found negligent at the same time.

The victim of a drunk driving injury is frequently left with an overwhelming psychological injury in addition to high-priced and occasionally debilitating personal injuries. Injuries can range between small scrapes to death or entire paralysis.

Side Impact Crashes- St. Louis Attorney Helping Sufferers of Side Impact Crashes

Side impact crashes are common and very serious injuries. They have been responsible for about 8,500 deaths per year.

A side impact collision happens when the side of your car or truck gets hit. That is also called currently being t-boned. Most of the events happen at junctions as the consequence of a failure to give at a stop sign or red light.

The severity of side impact crashes depends on several variables, including weight and the rate and where that oncoming vehicle collides with yours.

Fatalities as a result of side impact crashes may be reduced when there is a vehicle equipped with side airbags. It’s important to realize that kids under the age of 12 must not ride in the front seat. The power can cause death to your young child, no matter the harshness of the impact.

Asleep at the Wheel

Falling asleep at the wheel is hardly unusual. Almost four percent of fatal crashes nationally include drivers that are drowsy, and hundreds more are injured annually from motorists that have fallen asleep in the wheel.

If you feel like you could fall asleep at the wheel and are driving, please pull over into a rest area. Even though it can not be convenient, the results are much outweighed by the caution.

Truck drivers certainly are an enormous problem for they drive while fatigued. The FMCSA estimates the brand new rule will save as much as 75 lives and prevent as many as 1,326 injuries that are asleep.

Rollover Injuries

If an associate of your family was hurt or killed due to the road, a vehicle rollover accident, as well as the vehicle itself, could have caused the injury.

To demonstrate that there was a manufacturing or design flaw or a road flaw was present, you have a need for a skilled injury lawyer.