What kind of compensation can I get for the personal injuries that I have suffered?

medical expenses, any future medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages (if there are any), pain and suffering, any and all injury related expenses

I was personally injured by someone and it wasn’t my fault. What did I do next?

Any kind of personal injury can be very stressful to handle on your own. One of the best things you can do is call us right away so we can tell you what your rights are. With medical bills piling up, insurance adjusters calling or mailing you letters to try and get you to settle, and stress on family from your being injured can seem extremely stressful. Insurance adjusters will contact you right away, do yourself a favor and call us before you sign anything. Here’s why: You have just been injured, you have not finished treatment, you do not know how long these injuries will linger, and you do not know the extent of your case yet. The insurance adjuster will rush you into a decision and get you to sign documents when you do know what the extent of your injuries are.

If I suffer an injury, what is the very first thing I should do?

AIn case you are hurt, the most important matter is your well-being, you should seek medical attention immediately. After your initial medical needs have been addressed, you ought to seek legal advice when possible. Personal injury cases frequently must be investigated as soon as possible. A delay in consulting an injury attorney can sometimes cause vital pieces of evidence to be forever lost, which could significantly impact your potential case.

Do I need a lawyer for my particular occurrence?

AIn many cases you’ll need to engage an attorney in order to satisfactorily protect your interests and fight for everything you deserve. Please consider taking great advantage of the free personal injury consultations offered by our St. Louis personal injury lawyers, as a way to determine whether we can be of help to you.

How much will this cost? How do you pay for the services?

All personal injury cases are very different. St. Louis personal injury lawyer requests a fee for personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only charge a fee if we are successful in negotiating a settlement or obtaining a verdict for you. We take a percentage of the settlement or verdict plus our out-of-pocket expenses fronted by us to prosecute your case. You pay no money out of pocket. This is industry standard.

What if I am contacted by an insurance provider or another investigator?

Our personal injury attorneys in St. Louis advise that you do not discuss the details of your injury or the manner in which you were injured before you have first consulted with an attorney. Any records you sign or resolutions you agree to prior to speaking with an attorney could impact your ability to recover full compensation for your own injury.

Exactly what are my rights if I have been injured?

As a rule of thumb, if someone’s negligence caused your injury, you might be entitled to compensation for all those injuries. The special legal rights and limits that may apply to your case will change with respect to the facts.

What is my case worth?

Each personal injury case is exceptional. Because of this, until your case has been fully investigated and your medical condition has stabilized, you need to be skeptical of anybody who attempts to tell you the value of your potential claim. Total settlement may include payment of medical bills, pain, and suffering, mental anguish, loss of ability to savor life, lost wages, or diminished earning capacity.

Will my case go to trial?

Whether or not your personal injury case goes to trial is determined by many different variables. Many cases are settled before trial. Although St. Louis injury lawyers always remain open to settlement offers, if your settlement offer is inadequate with regards to the harshness of your injuries, our firm has the expertise to deal with you throughout the trial process. Dan is a trial lawyer who has tried many cases and will try your case if that is in your best interest.

Can a lawyer settle my case without asking me?

We will never settle your claim without your authorization. Recommendations of whether or not to settle are made, but the ultimate choice always lies with you.

How soon following a resolution is made is cash received and distributed?

Most of the time, the funds relating to your own personal injury claim are received within seven to 14 days subsequent to the release being signed. In cases involving an incredibly large resolution, the State, private individuals, and/or out-of-place insurance companies frequently require much longer. In some cases, St. Louis’s personal injury lawyer, St. Louis’s personal injury lawyer, should have the approval of the Court before a settlement is finalized.