The extreme mental and physical damage resulting from a serious burn injury is not easy for most of us to understand. Burn injuries frequently have long-lasting and life-changing effects which make it hard to simply recover and proceed with life. After the physical damages are fought, devastating injuries such as psychological and mental injuries are not so easily won. Both amounts of damage, thus, deserve the correct quantity of reimbursement for the victim.

The St. Louis personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping customers and their families recover after mishaps that have caused burn injuries. Our firm is devoted to supporting you along with your family with all the attention, respect, and dedication after enduring a serious burn injury. Our skilled attorneys will provide you with the advocacy you need and deserve.


Our team has decades of experience helping customers that have endured burn injuries due to a wide selection of causes such as:

  • Gas tank explosions or car accident fires
  • Flash fires and explosions that are industrial
  • Shop, restaurant, or resort fires
  • Compound burns
  • Electric burns