Want to know more about birth injuries?

During labor and delivery, there are many injuries that could happen. In some situations, these injuries are inevitable and are the natural outcome of the injury of being born. In other instances, the injuries are caused by an error from the nurse or physician. It is necessary to hold those who are negligent accountable since it may prevent another child from suffering the same injury. It may also ensure that the family of the injured child has the essential financing available to cover any medical costs needed to assist the child while he or she recovers. There is an assortment of potential injuries which can happen during birth, but some are serious and more common. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers are available to assist you in almost any birth injury case!


What’s the brachial plexus? Injuries sustained to the brachial plexus may happen to cause irreversible damage to the baby, for example during delivery. A standard way this happens is when the baby’s head, neck, shoulder, or arm is jerked or twisted in a specific manner. This may frequently occur in infants who are larger, or in instances of a breech delivery. The four primary forms of brachial plexus injuries are neuroma, neurapraxia, rupture, and avulsion. The nerve extends without completely ripping it.


Cerebral palsy is in fact not one illness, however, an entire group of illnesses. Little is known about what causes cerebral palsy as an infant ‘s brain is still growing until age two. Some types of illnesses are caused when the child is unable to get sufficient oxygen. In other instances, a head injury, brain bleed, brain disease, or acute jaundice may be the perpetrator. Cerebral palsy can impact the child’s ability to proceed normally, speak, learn, believe, and much more. Occasionally the symptoms of cerebral palsy don’t appear until the little one is two-years-old.

Nutrients are carried by the umbilical cord from the placenta to the infant in the uterus. It includes two arteries and one vein not only to supply nutrients but get rid of waste materials too. In the event the umbilical cord isn’t working correctly, the infant might not even survive to full term because he or she would not have the capacity to develop correctly. One issue that may happen is umbilical cord prolapse. This may happen if the umbilical cord begins to go into the birth canal during labor. Occasionally the mom can sense this occurring or medical staff may see it start to protrude from the vagina. This protrusion is serious because it likely means the umbilical cord is now compressed, thereby cutting oxygen off from the infant. With 1 in 300 arrivals experiencing such a complication, it’s important that nurses and physicians are on the lookout so they can treat it immediately.


Elevated bilirubin happens when old blood cells are broken down by the liver, and not expelled from the body. Another name for the condition is, jaundice, or when a baby is showing elevated amounts of the bilirubin. Jaundice isn’t an unusual complication for infants, but there are a number of different side effects that can happen if not treated properly such as brain damage. Whatever arrival injury your child has endured, having a legal representative that is on your side will help make sure your rights are protected.

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